facts about nordjyske medier

Facts about NORDJYSKE Medier

NORDJYSKE Medier is the second-oldest media company in Denmark, tracing its origins as far back as 2 January 1767

To benefit and entertain

At NORDJYSKE, we are part of the world around us - this is where we find the knowledge and inspiration for our work. Our motto, 'to benefit and entertain', is the essence of the obligation we feel towards our community, which keeps our heart beating. One of our core services is to provide the community with information about everything that goes on around us - be it small or large-scale. Information that is beneficial to our customers and helps them understand the fabric of the world. But we also want to entertain. We therefore provide our customers with information and inspiration for activities, entertainment and events that can add value to their lives.

To benefit and entertain.
Based in North Jutland, we want to be the preferred partner for people looking for information, events, entertainment or communications solutions.
To ensure freedom and independence through profitable operation based on innovation and dynamics.

In contact with 90 percent of the North Jutland population

We are known as one of the world's most modern media companies, with a wide range of media and a fully integrated workflow between the editing, sales and production departments. We publish the daily newspaper NORDJYSKE Stiftstidende as well as 25 local weekly newspapers.

We are behind Denmark's first 24-hour TV channel, 24NORDJYSKE, the nordjyske.dk website, a range of local websites and the radio stations ANR and Radio NORDJYSKE. We handle distribution of newspapers and printed ads in North Jutland through the company NORDJYSKE Distribution.

NORDJYSKE Medier provides news services to and about people in North Jutland, anytime and anywhere, using the users' preferred media channel, and we deliver advertising impact to advertisers, regardless of their target groups. 80 percent of all people in North Jutland use one or more of our media every day, and during a week, we get in contact with 90 percent of the North Jutland population.


Nordjyske Holding owns 100 % of the share capital of NORDJYSKE Medier A/S , the parent company for all operational activities of the group. Nordjyske Holding is a company owned by foundations, the Aalborg Stiftstidende Foundation being the dominant owner with a share of 91%. The Aalborg Stiftstidende Foundation was established in 1967 on the 200th anniversary of the first news pamphlet: 'Useful and Entertaining News'. A group of priests in Aalborg were responsible for this first edition.

The Vendsyssel Tidende Foundation and Aalborg Medieselskab each own 4.5% of Nordjyske Holding.

We have around 800 employees.

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Contact us

Do you want to know more about NORDJYSKE Medier, please contact us on tel. +45 99 35 35 35 or via email at nordjyske@nordjyske.dk

You are also welcome to write to us at this address:

Langagervej 1
DK 9220 Aalborg Ø